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SilverCrossings Roleplay Chat
A fun and friendly community and portal, Silvercrossings Roleplay Chat is free for anyone to join. For 3 years members of the silvercrossings community have been entering the variety of rooms we have to offer and enjoying roleplay of all kinds!

We offer World of Darkness, Furry Fun, Marvel comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Free form and lots more! Come on in, sit a spell and find out why so many roleplayers enjoy Silvercrossings as their home for roleplay chatting!


Smooth sailing.
As many of our users may have noticed, we have had terrible uptime with the chat core as of late.

That's been fixed.

Our cleanup script was not fireing as it should, and that resulted in the database becoming too large for the chat core to properly handle.

In addition to that being fixed, a new script has bee in put in place to detect further crashes and restart the core after a time.

Posted by: on 2010-06-10
Fixed Issues.
It was brought to my attention that there were some issues with puppet creation. After a bit of hunting and poking, this has been fixed.

You may notice as well when creating new characters that you get a warning that your character's name contains an invalid character. Valid characters are alphaneumerical (a-z A-Z 0-9) as well as spaces, ` and -.

I've also taken the opportunity to do a small clean up. Previously the system would allow you to create a character with an appostophy (') but not allow you to edit the character, or delete them. All such characters have been "fixed" by having the rogue character turning into (``) so they can now be edited or deleted as a user desires.

Posted by: on 2009-05-25
Small issue.
As you may notice, there's currently a small issue with having to log in each time you visit the site after closing the browser, rather than the more legnthy logins that we are used to.

This issue is currently being looked at, amd we will resolve it as soon as possible.

Posted by: taliesin on 2009-02-15